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Are you….

  • Searching for a way to feel better?
  • Seeking more natural treatments for your condition?
  • Interested in natural medicine, but don’t know where to start?
  • Looking for a certain type of Alternative Medical Practitioner?


You’ve come to the right place.




What Is VoiceLaunch Directory?


At VoiceLaunch, we understand that the world of alternative medicine can be tricky to navigate. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and healthy living, but traditional doctors rarely refer patients to Alternative Medicine Practitioners, making it hard to know where to turn.


Our Mission at VoiceLaunch is to connect you to that next step. It is your “one stop shop”, both for learning about holistic healing and wellness, and for finding Alternative Medicine Practitioners.


VoiceLaunch helps you locate the resources you need to make informed decisions, as well as Alternative Medicine Professionals so that you can seek the therapies that are right for you.


At VoiceLaunch, the resources you need are a click away!

  • Get to know Practitioners via video interviews
  • Learn about different healing modalities via live stream classes. Discover how they can help you
  • Conduct your own research on what modalities might be best for you
  • Join the VoiceLaunch community via MeetUps, FaceBook pages, and private chats (coming soon!)


Whether you are interested in Healing, Recovery, or Prevention, let VoiceLaunch help you take the first step on the road to health and wellbeing.


To Your Health,
The VoiceLaunch Team


The Story of VoiceLaunch


A message from VoiceLaunch founder, Estephania LeBaron-Papanicolaou:


On November 5, 2015, my 18-year-old son, AJ, was in a terrible accident; his car collided with an 18-wheeler, and our lives were changed forever.


Western medicine saved AJ’s life, but could not repair his damaged spinal cord. After multiple surgeries and months in the hospital, they reached their  limits, and the doctors advised AJ to learn to live in a wheelchair.


I was not ready to give up, so I turned to the world of alternative medicine, determined to seek out therapies that offered hope for my son.


But with no medical background, trying to find information was a major challenge! There was no directory of solutions or therapies available. Each had to be found and researched separately.


Night after night I spent researching; reading books, papers and medical journals in search of answers.


When I did manage to find information on alternative therapies in a paper or journal, I had to spend a lot more time looking for a practitioner, for they failed to point to any way to access that therapy in the real world.


The more I read, the more conflicting opinions became evident, making it even harder to decide which treatments might help my son.


But as time went on, the more I have learned about the body’s ability to heal itself, the more hope I got! As I witnessed, and continue to witness, AJ make amazing progress, I began to believe that he will fully heal and recover.


The difficulty in learning about, choosing, and then finding treatments, inspired me to create VoiceLaunch to help others on their own health and wellness journeys. While you will have to choose which treatments are best for you, I hope to make the process of learning about them and finding practitioners much easier!


The VoiceLaunch team is building a directory of practitioners and providers, as well as information and guidance, to assist you in informing yourself, so that you, like me, can have hope. The VoiceLaunch directory is my way of supporting you in your search for better health.


May these pages inspire you to move forward on your journey to healing and wellness.


We are on this journey together,


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