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7:30AM - 6PM

Austin Shamanic Center rides the razor’ edge between Spirituality and Modern Science, bringing 50,000-year-old wisdom teachings of the ancient Americas, and beyond, into the twenty first century. We offer you personal healing, self development workshops, and professional training in Energy Medicine, all based on these teachings. Our aim is to empower you with tools to create optimal health, self awareness, and wellness on every level of your being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Once you have reclaimed your strengths, you become a beacon of light, facilitating the same in others. As we all come into balance, creating conscious communities around us, we make a positive difference in the world, from the place of deepest service.

About the Founder

Christina practices and instructs individuals in the art of Energy Medicine. She became interested in the interplay between matter, consciousness, and energy through her readings about the Vedics, Taoism, and Shamanism as an adolescent; she has been working with this interface ever since. Her undergraduate training was as a Physicist at the University of California Santa Cruz, followed by a PhD program in Neuroscience at the Salk Institute, through the University of California San Diego. Her spiritual studies started in earnest four years into her graduate degree, when with the death of her mother she realized that as the body dies, consciousness remains in tact. Knowing she could only study consciousness as a product of a physical living brain within her degree program, she bravely left academia, and answered her soul’s calling to continue her studies from outside the conventions of a laboratory setting. By apprenticing with renowned Masters of Yoga, Reiki, and Shamanism she spent over 20 years integrating the power and wisdom of ancient indigenous Energy Medicine with physics, biology and neuroscience.


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