Dr Tenesha Wards has the ability to tell more about you than
anyone you know – even yourself

She uses something that until recently was only available to

celebrities and the superrich

–Genetic Testing

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Watch the full video to discover:

What the ‘doom and gloom’ genes are, and how they affect your predisposition
to certain life-threatening diseases (3m 54sec)

What Dr Wards does when she finds a genetic defect in a patient (6m 16secs)

How to find out if you’re prone to depression

What it means for a gene to ‘express’ and how that affects you

How gene defects are triggered

What modern-day childhood conditions are preventable thanks to genetics

The ‘warrior’ gene and what it means if you have it

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Watch the full video where Dr Wards reveals emerging genetic testing capabilities

and who stands to benefit the most from this new science—could it be you?

Dr Wards also explains why stress is a lot more dangerous than we already believe.

watch the video to find out today.

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